Blakely J. Werner, Psy.D.

Blake ly  J. Werner , PsyD  Clinical Psychologist 
Blakely J. Werner, PsyD  Clinical Psychologist,  930 170th PL SE,  Bellevue, WA 98008
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Aging and Mental Health 

A key to understanding our mental health as we age is to recognize that physical health and mental health are very much interconnected.  For instance, people who have physical aliments like heart problems and diabetes are more likely to develop mental health problems.  People with depression or anxiety are more likely to develop physical problems such as lack of energy, stomach problems, sleep disturbances, or difficulty concentrating.    Many people mistake the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems for the aging process itself. Unfortunately, many people think that confused thinking, irritability, depressed mood, and loss of energy are just signs that someone is getting older rather than signs that someone needs help.  The truth is that normal aging involves changes, but most changes are gradual.  The aging process does not cause sudden personality changes, loss of intellect, or confusion.   
Age Well Psychology
Blakely J. Werner, PsyD, Licensed  Psychologist