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I Follows are a few resources you may find helpful in your quest for healthy aging.  As you know, we are a work in progress, right up to the end!  

Well-being theory: The PERMA Model
Happiness is a slippery concept. Sometimes it seems to us like the Holy Grail: mythical, wonderful, but probably unobtainable. But positive psychology suggests it is natural result of building up our well-=being and satisfaction with life 
Here is introduction to theory of happiness model and work of Dr. Martin Seligman 
I've also included a presentation I've given on the topic. 

Older adults' Health and Age-Related Changes: Reality Versus Myth
Facts about aging, changes in mental health and mental processes, demographic, economic, and social issues, physical changes 

Anxiety is a common illness among older adults, affecting as many as 10-20% of older population.  Among older adults, anxiety is the most common mental health problem for women and the second most common for men after substance abuse
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