Blakely J. Werner, PsyD  Clinical Psychologist.
Did you know...
  • Older adults often have complex, interacting mental and physical health problems that make recognition and treatment of especially difficult
  • Many of the mental and behavioral problems inaccurately attributed to the natural aging process are preventable or treatable.
  • The capacity to change can occur at any age!  

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Philosophy is perfectly right in saying that life must be understood backward. But then one forgets the other clause - that is must be lived forward   ----  Soren Kierkegaard - Journal and Paper 1843 

I offer psychological services for older adults, their families and care givers primarily in  skilled and continuing care settings in which I contract.     ​​ As with younger adults, a variety of mental health disorders , such as anxiety and depression, affect older  adults. These can become more debilitating in a rehab or nursing home setting.   Stressors common in late life include physical illness and loss of independence and mobility which significantly affect the individual's sense of well being and their participation in their plan of care.
If your facility is interested in my supporting the mental health needs of your residents, please contact me. Medicare and supplemental insurance generally pay for mental health services.  I process all claims, the facility bears   no responsibility for claims processing or payment.


Age Well Psychology
Blakely J. Werner, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist